Wednesday, 4 October 2017

China-Pakistan-Russia Military Alliance-Strategic Realignment of Pakistan-II

The USA in another bet on it's Indian pet bulldog to check the flight of the Chinese dragon has declared the Chinese OBOR project passing through disputed territories. To be specific, the Indo-US move is directed at the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). Keeping the historic debate aside, the US proclamations and it's loud mouthed propagation by the Indian 'mouthpiece' power, simply does not bother either China or Pakistan a bit. The CPEC project will continue without any hindrance, as Pakistan effectively controls the route since 1947 and the ground situation completely favours China.

India is desperately trying to stir trouble in Pakistan by funding an insurgency in Baluchistan, essentially using the Afghan soil and trying to exploit the political situation in Pakistan. However, what India and her sugar daddy in Washington fails to appreciates is, that the CPEC project, they are frantically opposing was in fact initiated well before they ever imagined.

If Pakistan was playing both sides in Afghanistan, the USA was doing the same with strategically aligning with the Pakistani arch rivals India. 

The Pakistanis appreciated more then a decade ago that the US will not be able to win its war in Afghanistan, due to the USA's lack of understanding about the region and its twisted tribal politics. At the same time, the Pakistanis knew, that as per precedent, the US will look for a scapegoat to blame her failures and the top choice will be obviously Pakistan itself. The Indian moves in Afghanistan and the Indo-US strategic deal including the civilian nuclear energy deal were omens enough for the Pakistanis for the times to come. If Pakistan was playing both sides in Afghanistan, the USA was doing the same with strategically aligning with the Pakistani arch rivals India.

Under these circumstances, while General Pervez Musharraf was ruling Pakistan, he dispatched his, senior most commander, General Ehsan ul Haq, to Beijing. He took the Pakistani strategic proposal to the Communist leadership of China having deep rooted socio-economic implications for the entire region.

 After due diligence, the Pakistani government and the Chinese leadership struck the strategic deal to counter the Indo-US alliance in the region, which is now known as CPEC. Pakistani security establishment gave the guarantee to see this strategic deal to its rightful end, against the Chinese commitment of ownership of the project irrespective of any change in government/regime in Pakistan.                 

The Pakistani security establishment was holding total power back in those days (around 2004) under General Pervez Musharraf. After due diligence, the Pakistani government and the Chinese leadership struck the strategic deal to counter the Indo-US alliance in the region, which is now known as CPEC. Pakistani security establishment gave the guarantee to see this strategic deal to its rightful end, against the Chinese commitment of ownership of the project irrespective of any change in government/regime in Pakistan. This is the essential reason as to why the Chinese determination and investments regards CPEC and commitment to the alliance with Pakistan remains unhindered irrespective of all odds as it may seem from time to time.

Russians Troops Being Welcomed In Pakistan For Joint Training Exercises

Subsequent to the ongoing mega economic developments regards Chinese OBOR projects which is spearheaded by the CPEC, Pakistan is now actively engaged in establishing its military alliance with Russia after China. The Pakistani security establishment quietly and successfully worked for around a decade to break the ice with Russia, which it helped defeat in the 'cold war' as an ally of the USA.

 The way USA abandoned Pakistan in post 'cold war' era to face the blow-back of that war where Pakistan was a front-line state, the Pakistanis always knew never to trust the USA, in particular siding against the Russians ever again. With the Indians influence wearing out in Moscow due to their strategic partnership with the US, Pakistan succeeded in making a substantial military alliance with the Russians. Pakistani security establishment successfully secured not only a formidable military alliance but found an alternative source of advanced weaponry in the shape of its fast developing military ties with Russia and rapidly deteriorating relationship with the USA(Pakistan's major weapon's supplier in the past).

Pakistani-Russian Special Forces Joint Training Being Conducted In Russia

Presently, vast numbers of Pakistani special forces, Aviation and Air force officers, besides other military personals from wide disciplines are stationed in Russia for joint training and liaison activities. It is definitely not a coincidence, but culmination of a well thought out plan in forming of this China-Pakistan-Russia(CPR) military alliance. This nuclear armed military trio has all the formidable elements to give stomach cramps to all its opponents. Together CPR military alliance compliments each other where one's deficiencies are filled by another and vice versa. They have it all, what it really takes, with the Chinese money, Russian military technology and the Pakistani counter-insurgency experience and geo-strategic location to provide access to the 'warm waters' to her allies in the region.

Top Military Brass of China-Pakistan-Russia Witnessing Joint Military Training Exercises At China In Recent Past

Sooner or later, the US will have to come to terms with the CPR strategic alliance and share the bounty in the mineral rich region, whether India likes it or not. Best way would be, for the USA and her allies to see sense and partner in sharing prosperity through peace in the region. However, history of mankind, and in particular that of the US being run by her greedy corporations tells us otherwise. The USA and her allies, may learn their lesson the hard way, that the central Asian region is a tough nut to crack, which may well break their teeth, if they continue to bite hard. EU states in particular the UK, would be better off to engage the CPR alliance through already well established trade channels to best serve respective national interests. In the context of Euro-Asian trade and security it is only a logical recommendation, since Turkey is already almost aligned with the CPR alliance. As for the Indo-US alliance and its friction with the CPR alliance, it would continue, while the US will increasingly try to use India to do her dirty laundry in the region. Having said all that, when it comes to the ground realities, the Indo-US alliance simply lacks the capacity to sustain the opposition towards the CPR alliance in the long term.

Winners in this game will be determined, by the  capacity of players who have the abilities to understand the complex dynamics of the CPR alliance and align with it by embedding within all these three countries using peaceful but sound business strategies.    


Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Strategic Realignment of Pakistan-Global Impacts

Donald's Trumps latest rhetoric against Pakistan, harboring terrorist and all in his Afghanistan policy speech does not come out as a surprise for anyone at all and is nothing new. America is fast loosing the war in Afghanistan and its an open secret around the world. US government won't ever admit it, hence the favourite scapegoat to put the blame of the shameful defeat is their major non-NATO ally, Pakistan.

USA invaded Afghanistan as a direct consequence of the 9/11 attacks. The aftermath of that tragic incident was manipulated by those who had an advance warning of this calamity. Without doubt, the strongest lobbyist in Washington, that is Israel(AIPAC) knew and carefully planned to globally benefit from the tragic events of 9/11  ( ).

The US government in post 9/11 scenario, was heavily lobbied by the Indians with Israelis in their direct support to put India as a regional counterweight to the inevitable rise of the 'Red Empire' in Asia. It was only natural for the USA to go to bed with India and try putting a barrier to the rising influence of China in her home region. India, aspires to become a regional power but can't take on China at one side and Pakistan on the other, which are both strongly allied nuclear armed states like her.

While USA is facing defeat in Afghanistan, it is her desire to 'outsource' the region to their puppets, with India in the driving seat of their bandwagon. There is but, few major problems faced by the US government in implementing their policies.

Firstly, Pakistan being immediate neighbour of Afghanistan, foresaw the US defeat based on their established old habit of abandoning the mess they create after meeting the immediate, shortsighted goals. Looks like they never learnt anything from their Brit cousins. So, the Pakistanis took safety measures especially after experiencing the US betrayal first hand in the aftermath of winning the 'Cold War'. The US created and Armed the Mujaheddin in association with Pakistan only to dump them on the later, once they thought, they were of no good use anymore. Pakistan, didn't have that luxury, being located in that region, so, kept their ties with the Frankenstein's monster created by the USA and kept trying to tame it. It definitely doesn't mean that the monster did not haunted Pakistan. Pakistan paid the price and continues to do so, through the blood of thousands of her soldiers and civilians on daily basis. It's a price though, Pakistanis knew they would have to pay for the choices they made. Pakistanis always knew what they were getting into, by taking upon India on Afghan soil which is backed by the USA. The Indians, from the Afghan soil funded the 'international ideological mercenaries a.k.a Pakistani Taliban', who are the rogue third generation mercenaries of 'Afghan Jihad', targeting Pakistan, to give them a taste of their own medicine they had used in Kashmir against the Indian occupation of the region ( The Indian national security adviser publicly announced and acknowledged this policy while speaking to university students in India ( As a result, Pakistan choose to take upon India in Afghanistan being directly supported there by the US, in a fight for her survival. This also dictated Pakistan to strategically realign it's priorities and prepare for softly divorcing the US led western alliance and join the Sino-Russian camp.

 USA is no more the sole superpower of the world, or possess the power it once had before 9/11. The 'Oil Wars' in the middle east based on 'WMD lies' have weakened the American might drastically

The other major problem with the US policy in Afghanistan is, that the place is the very backyard of China and Russia.  USA simply can not continue to play there and keep bullying the entire region, without expecting retaliation from these regional powers. USA is no more the sole superpower of the world, or possess the power it once had before 9/11. The 'Oil Wars' in the middle east based on 'WMD lies' have weakened the American might drastically. America acquired their sole superpower status after winning the 'Cold War', defeating the USSR in Afghanistan through her proxies, 'Mujaheddin' now known as the 'Afghan Taliban'. That American victory chartered by the 'Mujaheddin' in Afghanistan led to the breaking of the USSR.

Only two decades later not only the same proxy, which won the USA led western capitalist alliance their war against the USSR led communist bloc, is the US/NATO chief enemy in Afghanistan, but, the old socialist enemy of the USA is also back to haunt the western world in the new capitalist attire. Russian bear is all inclined to take back its lost territories and influence, almost after four decades of suffering the humiliating defeat by the USA.

 Chinese investments in Afghanistan have bought them an unprecedented influence in the country. Russia is all on board with China in Afghanistan and both these regional powers are in negotiations with the Taliban, due to kind the courtesy of Pakistani connections with the 'Afghan Taliban', which the Americans are so very critical of.

Pakistani Army played its due role as a US major non NATO ally cooperating with the US and International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) on ground in Afghanistan. Pakistan also provided key logistical support to the US forces/ISAF in Afghanistan. However, the Pakistani intelligence, skillfully retained but avoided using their influence over the 'Afghan Taliban', while the US wanted to negotiate a deal with them by bullying Pakistan to strong arm the 'Afghan Taliban' into such a deal. Although such a deal would have given the US, some kind of 'face saving exit', from Afghanistan, which was/is in the interest of Pakistan, but  the Pakistani intelligence outfits backed off from brokering any such deal, only after confirming that, such a US deal with the 'Afghan Taliban' would be made by compromising the Pakistani strategic interests superseded by those of India.

  The 'Indo-US' strategic regional alliance plans to counter China's rise in the region and neutralize her influence in Afghanistan and beyond. This also directly jeopardizes the Russian influence in the mineral rich countries of 'Central Asia' with the US eyes affixed on their natural resources. India is hated by Pakistan due to historic reasons, with three wars under the belts of both these countries. There is hence, a natural alignment of strategic interests between, China, Pakistan and Russia. That is where it hurts the US most, to loose Pakistan which is geographically located in a position to make or break both Afghanistan and whomsoever controls Kabul.

It is no coincidence that the Pakistani Armed Forces officers are increasingly being seen in Moscow and visiting Russia regularly while China is like a second home to them now. Russia is providing modern military hardware to Pakistan irrespective of the Indian objections, which is the biggest weapons exporter from Russia, but not for too long. Russia reckons that after the 'Indo-US' strategic alliance, it's only a matter of time that the Indians would be forced to shop their military hardware from the US/West. The 'Indo-US' nuclear and military deals are an omen in that direction, Russia never failed to notice.

Old friends are now foes and vice versa in the interesting times we now live in.  

China-Pakistan-Russia alliance backs the Taliban principle demand, that before any formal negotiations with the Kabul regime, the 'foreign invaders', must leave their soil. Such a move will level the playing fields of Afghanistan and the US allies would loose influence in the region. USA simply can not afford such a scenario, so 'Pentagon' forced President Trump, embattled in a political carnage due to his naive choices, to increase the troops in Afghanistan. He went back on his words and was made to swallow his spit, just like Obama, when he was forced to increase troop numbers in Afghanistan by his Generals in the longest ever war faced by the USA. The difference between Obama and Trump is that Obama did it as a political move, while Trump has been strong armed by his defense establishment to do so.

Pakistan is by far the most viable way to keep the said 'logistical lifeline' alive for the US troops in Afghanistan. The US government, may it be Trump administration or the brass at Pentagon must be careful not to antagonize Pakistan, beyond reproach

The bullying by Trump won't change a thing in Pakistan and her attitude towards Afghanistan. Pakistan knows that it controls the vital logistic support corridors of the US forces in Afghanistan. The other option, which is a much more difficult way and extremely expensive passage, is controlled by Russia. The only other passage, neither developed nor utilized to the land locked country, to provide 'logistical lifeline' to the US military in Afghanistan passes through Iran. Pakistan is by far the most viable way to keep the said 'logistical lifeline' alive for the US troops in Afghanistan. The US government, may it be Trump administration or the brass at Pentagon must be careful not to antagonize Pakistan, beyond reproach.  China is fully backing Pakistan both morally and materially with 50 billion dollar investments in Pakistani infrastructure. The Saudis have pledged their oil and money to the only nuclear armed Islamic country, whose military has pledged to defend their kingdom in the face of an existential threat.

Pakistan is a nuclear armed state and the USA simply does not possess the potential to disarm the Pakistani nuclear arsenal, no matter how much it threatens, shrieks or boasts about doing so. Pakistan visibly, has the capacity and capability to choose its foreign policy

Aforesaid considering, Pakistan silently but surely, over a course of one and a half decade, strategically re-aligned itself away from the USA keeping in view her own supreme national interests. While Pakistan may never completely divorce the US and NATO, the core Pakistani geopolitical and strategic interests are now aligned with those of China and Russia. Pakistan is a nuclear armed state and the USA simply does not possess the potential to disarm the Pakistani nuclear arsenal, no matter how much it threatens, shrieks or boasts about doing so. Pakistan visibly, has the capacity and capability to choose its foreign policy. The financial support accorded to Pakistan by her allies in addition to vast mineral wealth at her disposal coupled with the Geo-strategical location in the globe only adds to the Pakistani strengths.

India will have to make a choice, as to either peacefully co-exist with her neighbours or face a nuclear Armageddon. India won't be allowed to enforce the US centric agenda in the region it is housed, on the behest of her newly found lover sitting safely across seven seas playing her to do its dirty laundry. Peace is the only logical way forward for all stake holders in the Asia Pacific, for this entire region to realize and exploit its economic potential and bring billions of mankind out of poverty. The US and its allies will have to sooner than later realize, that the fires they are fuming in Asia will find its way to their homeland like before. USA will have to stop acting audaciously around the globe as if, it is the sole superpower of the world, which it is not.

As for the vastly unemployed, unskilled population and crumbling economy of America, Trump and his American hawks, now needs to find some way, other than the recruitment and loan-funding of the military-industrial complex which, is waging mindless wars around the world, only benefiting those few at the top of the food chain in the western world. It is however, not possible until and unless US public finds a way around the highly corrupt and manipulated political system governing them being continuously exploited by the vested interests through controlling the US politician's funding by lobbyists like the AIPAC.

Pakistan will continue to exercise its foreign policy independently, irrespective of the US bullying. The Pakistani global diaspora is a force beside its nuclear armed military to deter any misadventure by either the US or India. The US puppet government in Kabul will have to come to terms with the Pakistani position instead of playing as the Indian lackeys and support the funding of the insurgency in tribal areas of Pakistan from the Afghan soil. For Pakistanis will avenge and call upon its debts after the 'foreign invaders' will leave Afghanistan. In any case, the American puppets in Kabul will run away to the western world, sooner or later after finishing their loot of western world's aid money like Karzai and Co did so. Pakistan on the other hand is here to stay and retain the influence in Afghanistan, in partnership with China and Russia, hopefully bringing much awaited relief for that war torn country in the shape of peace and prosperity.                                                   

Friday, 7 July 2017

Rise of The Zionist Empire-How Israel Changed The World Post 9/11

A vast amount of material is available in public domain, both supporting and negating the theories, that Israel's intelligence agency Mossad knew about the 9/11 attacks in advance, and they utilized these attacks in favour of Israel's Zionist Jew's designs in the world.

Keeping aside conspiracy theories, following facts are verified :-

> Israeli intelligence agency 'Mossad', knew that a large scale terrorist attack is imminent on the US soil. To this effect they issued a vague warning to their US counterparts in August 2001 without any specific information about the attacks.

>Israeli nationals were caught capturing the video footage of the 9/11 attacks in a visibly jubilant mood. They were later deported to Israel, even after being found involved in illegal activities on the US soil while they were working for the Israeli intelligence agency.

>In months preceding 9/11 attacks, western financial markets, dominated by the Zionist Jews and Arab oligarchy saw an unprecedented amount of 'insider trading' directly related to the aftermath of 9/11 attacks on the financial markets. 
(  -

Above three facts are not enumerated to claim that Israel collaborated in the 9/11 attacks, but to prove that Israeli intelligence beside certain other vested interests, surely knew about the 9/11 attacks beforehand. This knowledge was used for respective gains by these parties. However, Israel, benefited the most out of this fiasco.

Israel, systematically used the 9/11 attacks to turn the tide of global public opinion in its favour. Israel, armed with its Zionists partners running the global mainstream media of the developed world presented the world with a 'new narrative' about the Muslims and Islam. Slowly but surely, the global perception about the Muslims being terrorists and Islam being a radical religion took hold. This allowed Israel to manipulate the global opinion about her autocratic apartheid of the Palestinian people. At the same time, this 'new narrative' was carefully chartered by the Zionist Jews through the vast resources at their disposal to spread the influence of Israel globally.

The Israeli state and their Zionist patterns deserves acclamation, to have consistently and patiently manipulated post 9/11 world order in a methodical manner. They were able to do this in a plan seemingly spread over at least two decades. Let us enumerate the successes of the Zionist state of Israel, made possible, chiefly by the radical Islamist ideological mercenaries working in their favour.

> The global opinion about Muslims and Islam have been tarnished, with Islamophobia being the order of the day globally. Hence, Israel can easily tell the world, that all Muslims, including Palestinians are not some freedom fighters, but a bunch of radical lunatics, out their to destroy the peace loving Israeli state. Hilarious to those who know the facts, but its working on the dominant majority of the world.

> The post 9/11 US invasion of Iraq based on falsely fabricated pretexts destroyed the entire Middle East region's balance of power. The result is a the disaster in the region effecting the entire world to date. The US public pressure forced the attack in response to 9/11, which allowed various non-state actors like ISIS and Al-Qaeda to find physical ungoverned territories to prosper. This further plunged the entire region into chaos. All the more reason for Israel to spread her physical influence in the region on the pretext of securing itself.  

> The Middle East has collapsed into various militant sectarian conflicts, diminishing the power of the Arab countries who were chief financiers of the Palestinian cause. Iran being a major Israeli enemy is also deeply entangled in this conflict having little to no time, opposing Israel.

> While the Middle Eastern states are busy in their wars of influence post 9/11, championed by Saudi Arabia and Iran respectively. Israel is fast at work spreading her own influence in the region and beyond.    

> Israel in an unprecedented move have secretly allied with the Wahhabi Kingdom of Saudi Arabia against their common enemy Iran. That nullifies the predominant Arab financial and physical support for the Palestinian cause to a large extent at present and in times to come. Classically killing two birds with one stone, with the Arabs on their side, Israel remains invincible for Iran.

> While the major Israeli regional opponents are entangled in a web of chaos looking inwards, Israel is fast filling the power vacuum around the world left vacant by the Arab countries. From India to Africa, Israel is fast spreading its physical influence gaining major economic and strategic benefits, making her more powerful and seemingly invincible.

In this world we now live, 'perceptions are much more important than reality'. The Zionists foresaw it all, and capitalized on the insecurities of the global population post 9/11, creating a perception which best suited their cause. The cause may be legitimate from the Israeli perspective, for the Jews do not want to and should not suffer another holocaust. However, the oppressed are now surely the oppressors...   

Wednesday, 15 February 2017


While life and limbs of Pakistanis continue to be torn in the 'war within', the blame game for this carnage continues with India, US and Israel as the hot favourites to have fingers pointed at. This blame game is incredibly monotonous and boring, yet it never fails to loose traction in the Pakistani society, which loves living in self denial. Pakistanis are predominantly refusing to acknowledge the inherent extremist tendencies giving rise to militancy in this society.

A sizeable and influential majority in Pakistan which includes members of its establishment, executive, business and political classes which are leading the masses, are silent yet firm supporters of the 'Islamist hawkish ideology' which essentially fuels the hate based militant extremism in Pakistan. This ideology took birth in the era of Gen Zia ul Haq and engulfed the country during his decade plus rule of the nuclear armed Islamic Republic. This ideology arose out of the need to counter the soviet expansionist designs while Pakistan became a traditional western/capitalist order's ally since its inception. Zia's Pakistan with its Jihadi ideologies, created and commissioned in close association with USA succeeded in defeating the so called communist invasion which won the west its 'cold war' against the USSR breaking the latter.

However the entire above stated saga, infested Pakistan with the cancer of Islamist militant extremism. This cancer till date remains unresponsive to any kind of treatment,but parts of it could only be surgically removed while relapse of this disease occurs time and time again. The only cure, to this disease of militant extremism is to address its root causes and remove them from these roots. However, it requires patience and mass consensus of the Pakistani society for any such cure, for the treatment, even then, it would be spread over decades, not years.

For the time being, the mere realisation of this problem as an inherent or resident evil within Pakistani society has not met popular consensus in this country. What Pakistanis fail to realise is that the enemies of the Pakistani state are only able to exploit the fault lines of their society because they actually exist. These fault lines are based on factories of hatred and militant extremism chartered by the Mullahcracy created by Zia and his cronies to fight the American Jihad. Zia may not be blamed for facing the might of the Soviet Empire at his doorstep the way he did, but he is surely to be blamed for not putting the genie back in the bottle which his policies unleashed in the region after the end of the 'cold war'. Instead the security establishment groomed in Zia era created the 'Frankenstein' invented under their so called policy of 'strategic depth'. This policy, not only alienated Afghanistan from Pakistan irrespective of decades of hospitality which the Pakistanis extended towards their Afghan brethren, but plunged the entire region including Pakistan into a maze of mindless terror and barbarism.

This power given to the Mullahs in the Zia era, with unlimited supply of money and weaponry in exchange for smooth flow of brainwashed ideological mercenaries for the American/CIA sponsored Jihad, created the Mullahcracy as it stands to date. Once the Mullahs tasted this power and perks which came with it, there was no going back for them. After the USA achieved their objective of defeating USSR in Afghanistan, they simply abandoned these Jihadist they had helped to create and used to their benefit. Pakistani state on the other hand also practically did nothing to close these nurseries of militancy right in their midst. Instead the policy of 'strategic depth' which was a cover to control Afghanistan produced what is now the third generation of 'international ideological mercenaries' up to be hired by the highest bidders still being manged by the Mullahcracy of Pakistan and Afghanistan, based in Pakistan and the UAE.

The mistakes made by the US and Pakistani establishments in not terminating their clandestine activities of the 'cold war' with comprehensive closure of the Jihadist organisations came back to haunt, both these countries, but with Pakistan yet again at the forefront, sitting in the front row of the backlash.

The irony of the Pakistani situation is compounded since the majority of the Pakistani society embraced the Zia era sponsored Islamist extremist ideologies which best suited their patriarchal mindset. The voices of reason and dissent in the Pakistani society were systematically targeted and terminated by the militant extremism which is still deeply prevailing in the male dominated Patriarchal society of Pakistan. Even, men of high stature like slain governor of the Punjab province, Mr Salman Taseer and his like aren't spared by this resident evil of extremism in the Pakistani society. All the various segments of the Pakistani society from top to bottom remain delusional by mistaking their extremism and the support of militancy as some kind of religious or moral duty. Even the ideals of the founding fathers of the Pakistani society have been hijacked and rephrased by these extremists like the Mullahcracy tampered Islamic religious text to help help create their brainwashed religious zombies.

The only hope for the Pakistani society is the acceptance of the existence of this resident evil of extremist mindset from within their rank and file. That would be the first step towards the normalisation of the Pakistani society which is predominantly extremist in its outlook while bloodshed and militant extremism is shrugged off as a way of life here. The next step would be to clip the wings of Mullahcracy and their supporters who thrive on selling hatred and brainwashing the poor and innocent population. Only after that through mass education, the Pakistani society may revive itself within one to two decades, moulding itself back into the image of their founding father, M A Jinnah.                            


Sunday, 11 December 2016

Why and Where to Invest in Pakistan-CPEC

The Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) is the top performing market of Asia Pacific at the moment. The China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) has created a euphoria in the international investors to get their piece of the pie, and the result is quite visible in the unprecedented bullish trends of Pakistani stock market. However the real pie, lies not in the bonds and stocks, but buying the stakes directly in the CPEC by investing in relevant real estate and industrial projects, which will make the CPEC as successful as envisaged by the Chinese and Pakistani leadership.

The real estate sector on the CPEC with its various multipurpose economic zones, provides an opportunity to small and medium investors and entrepreneurs to make humongous returns on their investments in the short term. The corporate and large investment groups are already in the game, looking to buy real estate on or near the CPEC, preferably in Pakistan and want to establish industrial plans, oil refineries and power projects.

My article aims at advising the entrepreneurs and medium level investment groups to invest in the CPEC related real estate, which will provide tremendous opportunities in the short term. Real estate is the primary prerequisite for any project and buying land where it matters is a universal fact.

CPEC's primary objective is to utilise the Pakistani port of Gawader to export oil from the energy rich Middle East to the energy hungry China. Oil refineries in Pakistan are in business, but at the same time they are not as they do not have the capacity to meet demands greater than the Pakistani domestic market. Therefore the Chinese and other international investors are rushing in to make new oil refineries in Pakistan with billions of dollars in investment. The government of Pakistan have hence earmarked multipurpose economic zones which are cleared to create such oil refineries and associated industries and residential complexes, housing the manpower of these huge industries. These multipurpose economic zones are looking to develop new high tech industrial cities, which promote commerce and trade on the CPEC.

The entrepreneurs willing to invest in these multipurpose economic zone's real estate and that of the routes leading to these zones and connecting them with the existing major lines of communication will be betting on a winning horse.

However buying land in and securing your acquisitions in Pakistan is a tricky business, which must be handled by professional land acquisition consultants. If a consultation is required regarding such an investment,  please contact me on my email address:


Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Ignored Pakistani Interests in CPEC(China Pakistan Economic Corridor)

While China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is well underway fast becoming a reality, certain Pakistani interests in this scenario are being ignored, not only by the Chinese government, but also by the Pakistani state.

It is now a taboo in Pakistan to criticise CPEC while any act as such may be marked as treasonous by the ultra nationalists. However, we need to realise the impact of treating CPEC and its related projects as the divine verses/orders. CPEC is not any holy grail, but after all a business venture, which must address the concerns of common Pakistanis and secure their interests.

China may be treating Pakistan with complete sincerity, but is investing in Pakistan only through state run organisations and mega business enterprises. This is creating a monopoly which will restrict the benefits of CPEC to that monopoly alone. It is understood that China is doing only what suits her interests best and being a communist socialist republic finds itself comfortable dealing with state run institutions and mega businesses having the blessings of the state. However, this situation does not suit the aspirations and interests of the common Pakistanis who are willing and able to raise their voices in order to secure their interests in a democratic republic ruled by a mostly corrupt regime.

China may have secured the Chinese interests in partnership with the Pakistani state institutions for now. But in the longer run, if they continue to ignore the interests of the common people in Pakistan , they are looking at a Pak-US like scenario, where they would be paying/investing money in Pakistan, but the disenfranchised masses at Pakistan would work to sabotage the CPEC and related infrastructure to redress their grievances.

China must understand, that the security establishment of Pakistan which is currently fully on board with them regards CPEC ultimately works to full-fill the national aspirations of Pakistani citizens. If the common Pakistani people feel disenfranchised by the CPEC, which benefits the largely corrupt monopoly created by China, these same people will aspire for the opposite of their present enthusiasm regarding the CPEC.

The dominating Pakistani interests being ignored regards CPEC are :-

  • Chinese emphasis on working with Punjabi strongmen like Shahbaz Sharif ignoring the leaders of smaller provinces.
  • Chinese emphasis on conducting business with only state run/mega business enterprises ignoring the small and medium business owners/entrepreneurs.
  • Chinese and Pakistani government's failure to address the environmental impact and carbon imprints of CPEC/related projects like the coal based power plants being made in Pakistan by China.
  • Chinese emphasis on primarily investing in Punjab working with the Punjab dominated Pakistani federal government ignoring the smaller provinces. Projects like "Orange Train" at Lahore under the banner of CPEC is uncalled for.
  • Chinese and Pakistani government's lack of interest in establishing a 'limited visa free transit' for each other's nationals which is only restricted to the government officials for now.
CPEC and its related projects can only be sustainable and profitable for both China and Pakistan if the above stated interests of the common people of Pakistan are secured and ensured in the long run.

People to people, not only government to government exchanges is the key to move forward by both countries in order to understand the aspirations and interests of each other.

'People' and their 'prosperity' are two major pillars for the masses of both China and Pakistan to make CPEC and One Belt One Road(OBOR) project a resounding success for the long term. And as the Chinese would wisely say, "if you want one year of prosperity, grow grain. If you want ten years of prosperity, grow trees. If you want one hundred year of prosperity, grow people". 
At Pakistan, we wish to grow it all including grain, trees and people alongside our Chinese friends. Only that will suffice to make the hype created by CPEC become a reality for the masses.

I would like to conclude by quoting a Chinese proverb:-
                                      "To open a shop is easy, to keep it open is an art"       


Sunday, 13 November 2016

How Did Donald Trump Win?

Donald Trump won the US Presidential elections essentially due to his campaign managers and his "homework" rather than "hard work". He concentrated on manipulating and capitalising on the electoral system rather winning popular votes which he couldn't. Donald Trump's winning strategy was based on two basic pillars. First was to voice popular sentiments in the US in plain and blunt language, while the second pillar was to exploit the US fault-lines which included her foreign policy which is mostly hypocritical in nature.

Donald Trump beat the phenomenal lobbying against his candidacy by offering an alternative to the status quo to the American people.  Hillary failed to do the same irrespective of her glamorous campaign supported by all the right quarters which makes any candidacy a winning bet. The impoverished white America in particular wanted to believe anything that would mean a change, even a lie, to go back to relive the American dream somehow. Trump made them that promise, which he may well not be able to keep, but he made it anyway. Donald Trump told the working class Americans,  in particular those living in the states with most electoral votes, that he will "make America great again". He repeated himself enough to make them all believe in his rhetoric.

While the American left only laughed and ridiculed Donald Trump, his campaign and the supporters he had; they only alienated the masses further toward the rite. The average Joe in America, which makes a sizeable dominant majority, simply wanted to listen to what Donald Trump had to say. They were awed by the chest thumping and promises of remaking the American dream with foul mouthed boasting against any opposition to Donald Trump, for he spoke the language they all understood perfectly well.

in contrast, Hillary represented the status quo which offered no radical promises, keeping in view the ground facts which were known to her, she just laughed at the gimmicks of Donald Trump, not taking him seriously. Those very gimmicks won Trump the election and left Hillary flabbergasted. Trump knew his audience well and spoke their language working on their insecurities, concentrating on the states with most electoral votes he knew that would swing in his favour.

While all political pundits around the world predicted Hillary to win the US Presidential elections, she only proved them right to the extent of winning the popular vote. Donald Trump on the other hand check mated all his opposition by working on winning the electoral seats/votes. He was able to do so, with the racist bias in his campaign by the white population in America, who were pushed in to a corner by the cultured yet naive democrats.

The price of the democrat's choice of making Hillary as their candidate and trying to brush all the legitimate concerns of republican vote bank under the carpet would be paid by a reality TV star acting out his role in the white house for next four, who knows eight years. Donald Trump would surely oversee the demise of the USA's era as the sole superpower of the world. More importantly, whether he's able to deliver upon his promises or not, would decide the state of the union of the USA.