Wednesday, 15 February 2017


While life and limbs of Pakistanis continue to be torn in the 'war within', the blame game for this carnage continues with India, US and Israel as the hot favourites to have fingers pointed at. This blame game is incredibly monotonous and boring, yet it never fails to loose traction in the Pakistani society, which loves living in self denial. Pakistanis are predominantly refusing to acknowledge the inherent extremist tendencies giving rise to militancy in this society.

A sizeable and influential majority in Pakistan which includes members of its establishment, executive, business and political classes which are leading the masses, are silent yet firm supporters of the 'Islamist hawkish ideology' which essentially fuels the hate based militant extremism in Pakistan. This ideology took birth in the era of Gen Zia ul Haq and engulfed the country during his decade plus rule of the nuclear armed Islamic Republic. This ideology arose out of the need to counter the soviet expansionist designs while Pakistan became a traditional western/capitalist order's ally since its inception. Zia's Pakistan with its Jihadi ideologies, created and commissioned in close association with USA succeeded in defeating the so called communist invasion which won the west its 'cold war' against the USSR breaking the latter.

However the entire above stated saga, infested Pakistan with the cancer of Islamist militant extremism. This cancer till date remains unresponsive to any kind of treatment,but parts of it could only be surgically removed while relapse of this disease occurs time and time again. The only cure, to this disease of militant extremism is to address its root causes and remove them from these roots. However, it requires patience and mass consensus of the Pakistani society for any such cure, for the treatment, even then, it would be spread over decades, not years.

For the time being, the mere realisation of this problem as an inherent or resident evil within Pakistani society has not met popular consensus in this country. What Pakistanis fail to realise is that the enemies of the Pakistani state are only able to exploit the fault lines of their society because they actually exist. These fault lines are based on factories of hatred and militant extremism chartered by the Mullahcracy created by Zia and his cronies to fight the American Jihad. Zia may not be blamed for facing the might of the Soviet Empire at his doorstep the way he did, but he is surely to be blamed for not putting the genie back in the bottle which his policies unleashed in the region after the end of the 'cold war'. Instead the security establishment groomed in Zia era created the 'Frankenstein' invented under their so called policy of 'strategic depth'. This policy, not only alienated Afghanistan from Pakistan irrespective of decades of hospitality which the Pakistanis extended towards their Afghan brethren, but plunged the entire region including Pakistan into a maze of mindless terror and barbarism.

This power given to the Mullahs in the Zia era, with unlimited supply of money and weaponry in exchange for smooth flow of brainwashed ideological mercenaries for the American/CIA sponsored Jihad, created the Mullahcracy as it stands to date. Once the Mullahs tasted this power and perks which came with it, there was no going back for them. After the USA achieved their objective of defeating USSR in Afghanistan, they simply abandoned these Jihadist they had helped to create and used to their benefit. Pakistani state on the other hand also practically did nothing to close these nurseries of militancy right in their midst. Instead the policy of 'strategic depth' which was a cover to control Afghanistan produced what is now the third generation of 'international ideological mercenaries' up to be hired by the highest bidders still being manged by the Mullahcracy of Pakistan and Afghanistan, based in Pakistan and the UAE.

The mistakes made by the US and Pakistani establishments in not terminating their clandestine activities of the 'cold war' with comprehensive closure of the Jihadist organisations came back to haunt, both these countries, but with Pakistan yet again at the forefront, sitting in the front row of the backlash.

The irony of the Pakistani situation is compounded since the majority of the Pakistani society embraced the Zia era sponsored Islamist extremist ideologies which best suited their patriarchal mindset. The voices of reason and dissent in the Pakistani society were systematically targeted and terminated by the militant extremism which is still deeply prevailing in the male dominated Patriarchal society of Pakistan. Even, men of high stature like slain governor of the Punjab province, Mr Salman Taseer and his like aren't spared by this resident evil of extremism in the Pakistani society. All the various segments of the Pakistani society from top to bottom remain delusional by mistaking their extremism and the support of militancy as some kind of religious or moral duty. Even the ideals of the founding fathers of the Pakistani society have been hijacked and rephrased by these extremists like the Mullahcracy tampered Islamic religious text to help help create their brainwashed religious zombies.

The only hope for the Pakistani society is the acceptance of the existence of this resident evil of extremist mindset from within their rank and file. That would be the first step towards the normalisation of the Pakistani society which is predominantly extremist in its outlook while bloodshed and militant extremism is shrugged off as a way of life here. The next step would be to clip the wings of Mullahcracy and their supporters who thrive on selling hatred and brainwashing the poor and innocent population. Only after that through mass education, the Pakistani society may revive itself within one to two decades, moulding itself back into the image of their founding father, M A Jinnah.                            


Monday, 16 January 2017

Fabricated Cultural Narrative To Control Men

Paradise lies at your mother's feet..

This well known cultural sentence, and also a fabricated hadith, is supported by the patriarchal society of Pakistan and India which is bound by centuries old traditions (deep rooted by Hinduism/Indian culture). These traditions have been incorporated into being a part of religious duties in which the men folk are  practically obliged by their peers to worship their mothers.

The irony of this is that their fathers have mentally, emotionally and often physically tortured those mothers throughout their lives. The same mothers, when they become mother-in-laws can not bear to see their precious sons treating their wives well, so they emotionally blackmail them by telling them of how good their fathers were to their own mothers by mistreating them and how they should follow his example. To ease the guilt of seeing their mothers suffer, they overcompensate them by neglecting and mistreating their wives and continue abuse to be passed on to future generations.

The question that needs to be asked by any sane, intelligent person is, why don't men change this state of affairs by giving respect and love to their wives by treating them with love and mercy? ( As the Quran states ) This way the burden of responsibility is shared for when these wives also become mothers and mother in laws and reach an age where they're more vulnerable.

When these women have been respected and loved by their husbands, they are more willing to accept the love and attention their sons give their wives. It takes a very progressive thinking person, son or mother to break this cycle of abuse.

To be that progressive thinker; one that is ahead of his years, he has to be able to shun the "norms" of society and that can prove to be very difficult and expose him to severe criticism.

These unwritten rules and traditions burden a man with guilt to bear responsibility of the treatment his mother has had to endure without any fault of his own. An emotionally and physically abusive husband makes a mothers desire for love and companionship automatically find a substitute for solace in her children and especially sons.

The sons are often emotionally blackmailed with the use of religious texts and the unquestionable loyalty and obedience he is taught and required to show. Often he has to marry who his mother chooses for him, a woman that she knows is usually the total opposite to his preferences in the opposite sex, to guarantee that her son doesn't fall for his spouse.

He begins to mistreat and disrespect her in the same way that his mother was in her married life. This often causes conflicts in his family. Inevitably he begins to seek peace through guilty pleasures outside of his chaotic life, full of arguments in which each woman tries to gain his affections and control him due to their individual insecurities.

He ends up developing a bitter, love hate relationship with both women. Hating both but at the same time being bound and compelled to "love" both.

He pretends he is in charge and is a king ruling them, but he's just a pawn, especially of the unenlightened matriarch of the family and prevented from being happy by the very ones that claim to want happiness for him. Even his guilt at playing away from home eventually wears him out. The stress, exposes him to illness and disease.

The only way to change this depressing state of affairs is to make life easier for our sons and daughters so they can enjoy a guilt free youth bathed in love and acceptence by their spouses AND their parents. For this a woman has to think of the well-being of her son and learn to sacrifice her emotions of jealousy. Men need to give your wives enough love, care, respect and friendship that they will find it very easy to accept,  welcome and encourage love and respect into their sons lives; in turn breaking this toxic cycle, wrongly enforced in the name of religion.

How can men laden with emotions of guilt when loving their wives ever develop a society that is fair and "halal" ? Where their "illusions" of love can only be fullfilled outside their marriage? A society where loving your wife is a crime but visiting a whore and having extramarital affairs in secret is seen as acceptable. The rare ones that don't go outside their marriage are made to feel as if they are not "real men" by those who want their methods of seeking the illusion of joy, to be accepted by their peers.

How can we then completely blame such men? Men who seek escape and peace from a toxic, unhappy "family" environment by finding temporary mirages of peace in a strangers arms, be that a girlfriend, a friend with benefits or a prostitute. How can we blame men who are trying to foolishly re-capture their wasted youth devoid of love,  and use religion as a justification to marry women, young enough to be their daughters and grand-daughters, ONLY after their mothers are either too old to complain or not in this world to envy the relationship between a man and his wife?

How can a country or society whose very foundation (the family) is rotten, not succumb to corruption at every level? A society where men and women are taught to and groomed to lie from the day they learn to speak. Love and happiness is compensated by materialism. This only succeeds in developing people devoid of any spiritual sense or God consciousness. They cruise through life snatching moments and snippets of happiness through money, power and lust which are all temporary and mere illusions.

This is why paradise is at a mother's feet. This is why a woman is given such a high status in Islam. A mother has the power to teach her children right from wrong and make or break them and subsequently the foundations of society. She has the power to stop her sons from going astray towards "haraam" acts, she has the power to allow his wife to stop him from going astray by acting selflessly.

This is the real reason why paradise is at a mother's feet. It doesn't give her a divine right to order her sons to do anything that she selfishly desires. This goes against the very essence of Islam. This paradise that she has at her feet is bound by a huge responsibility ; the responsibility of teaching her children to be good human beings, to teach her sons to respect women in a country that is full of hatred and disrespect for any woman that isn't your mother, sister or daughter and to be the pivot in his life to be able to do justice to the first relationship created by Allah (SWT) that of husband and wife.

If a mother is unable to break this cycle that we see in the majority of people with in Pakistani culture, it only succeeds in endorsing the corrupt society that we see today. If a woman is unable to see her mistake due to lack of awareness, it is the duty of her son to change the situation very respectfully,  for the sake of his future generations and his own peace.

A mother has the capability to be your paradise but if she fails in her duties this same mother can also be your path to hell, in this world and the next.

Sunday, 11 December 2016

Why and Where to Invest in Pakistan-CPEC

The Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) is the top performing market of Asia Pacific at the moment. The China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) has created a euphoria in the international investors to get their piece of the pie, and the result is quite visible in the unprecedented bullish trends of Pakistani stock market. However the real pie, lies not in the bonds and stocks, but buying the stakes directly in the CPEC by investing in relevant real estate and industrial projects, which will make the CPEC as successful as envisaged by the Chinese and Pakistani leadership.

The real estate sector on the CPEC with its various multipurpose economic zones, provides an opportunity to small and medium investors and entrepreneurs to make humongous returns on their investments in the short term. The corporate and large investment groups are already in the game, looking to buy real estate on or near the CPEC, preferably in Pakistan and want to establish industrial plans, oil refineries and power projects.

My article aims at advising the entrepreneurs and medium level investment groups to invest in the CPEC related real estate, which will provide tremendous opportunities in the short term. Real estate is the primary prerequisite for any project and buying land where it matters is a universal fact.

CPEC's primary objective is to utilise the Pakistani port of Gawader to export oil from the energy rich Middle East to the energy hungry China. Oil refineries in Pakistan are in business, but at the same time they are not as they do not have the capacity to meet demands greater than the Pakistani domestic market. Therefore the Chinese and other international investors are rushing in to make new oil refineries in Pakistan with billions of dollars in investment. The government of Pakistan have hence earmarked multipurpose economic zones which are cleared to create such oil refineries and associated industries and residential complexes, housing the manpower of these huge industries. These multipurpose economic zones are looking to develop new high tech industrial cities, which promote commerce and trade on the CPEC.

The entrepreneurs willing to invest in these multipurpose economic zone's real estate and that of the routes leading to these zones and connecting them with the existing major lines of communication will be betting on a winning horse.

However buying land in and securing your acquisitions in Pakistan is a tricky business, which must be handled by professional land acquisition consultants. If a consultation is required regarding such an investment,  please contact me on my email address:


Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Ignored Pakistani Interests in CPEC(China Pakistan Economic Corridor)

While China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is well underway fast becoming a reality, certain Pakistani interests in this scenario are being ignored, not only by the Chinese government, but also by the Pakistani state.

It is now a taboo in Pakistan to criticise CPEC while any act as such may be marked as treasonous by the ultra nationalists. However, we need to realise the impact of treating CPEC and its related projects as the divine verses/orders. CPEC is not any holy grail, but after all a business venture, which must address the concerns of common Pakistanis and secure their interests.

China may be treating Pakistan with complete sincerity, but is investing in Pakistan only through state run organisations and mega business enterprises. This is creating a monopoly which will restrict the benefits of CPEC to that monopoly alone. It is understood that China is doing only what suits her interests best and being a communist socialist republic finds itself comfortable dealing with state run institutions and mega businesses having the blessings of the state. However, this situation does not suit the aspirations and interests of the common Pakistanis who are willing and able to raise their voices in order to secure their interests in a democratic republic ruled by a mostly corrupt regime.

China may have secured the Chinese interests in partnership with the Pakistani state institutions for now. But in the longer run, if they continue to ignore the interests of the common people in Pakistan , they are looking at a Pak-US like scenario, where they would be paying/investing money in Pakistan, but the disenfranchised masses at Pakistan would work to sabotage the CPEC and related infrastructure to redress their grievances.

China must understand, that the security establishment of Pakistan which is currently fully on board with them regards CPEC ultimately works to full-fill the national aspirations of Pakistani citizens. If the common Pakistani people feel disenfranchised by the CPEC, which benefits the largely corrupt monopoly created by China, these same people will aspire for the opposite of their present enthusiasm regarding the CPEC.

The dominating Pakistani interests being ignored regards CPEC are :-

  • Chinese emphasis on working with Punjabi strongmen like Shahbaz Sharif ignoring the leaders of smaller provinces.
  • Chinese emphasis on conducting business with only state run/mega business enterprises ignoring the small and medium business owners/entrepreneurs.
  • Chinese and Pakistani government's failure to address the environmental impact and carbon imprints of CPEC/related projects like the coal based power plants being made in Pakistan by China.
  • Chinese emphasis on primarily investing in Punjab working with the Punjab dominated Pakistani federal government ignoring the smaller provinces. Projects like "Orange Train" at Lahore under the banner of CPEC is uncalled for.
  • Chinese and Pakistani government's lack of interest in establishing a 'limited visa free transit' for each other's nationals which is only restricted to the government officials for now.
CPEC and its related projects can only be sustainable and profitable for both China and Pakistan if the above stated interests of the common people of Pakistan are secured and ensured in the long run.

People to people, not only government to government exchanges is the key to move forward by both countries in order to understand the aspirations and interests of each other.

'People' and their 'prosperity' are two major pillars for the masses of both China and Pakistan to make CPEC and One Belt One Road(OBOR) project a resounding success for the long term. And as the Chinese would wisely say, "if you want one year of prosperity, grow grain. If you want ten years of prosperity, grow trees. If you want one hundred year of prosperity, grow people". 
At Pakistan, we wish to grow it all including grain, trees and people alongside our Chinese friends. Only that will suffice to make the hype created by CPEC become a reality for the masses.

I would like to conclude by quoting a Chinese proverb:-
                                      "To open a shop is easy, to keep it open is an art"       


Sunday, 13 November 2016

How Did Donald Trump Win?

Donald Trump won the US Presidential elections essentially due to his campaign managers and his "homework" rather than "hard work". He concentrated on manipulating and capitalising on the electoral system rather winning popular votes which he couldn't. Donald Trump's winning strategy was based on two basic pillars. First was to voice popular sentiments in the US in plain and blunt language, while the second pillar was to exploit the US fault-lines which included her foreign policy which is mostly hypocritical in nature.

Donald Trump beat the phenomenal lobbying against his candidacy by offering an alternative to the status quo to the American people.  Hillary failed to do the same irrespective of her glamorous campaign supported by all the right quarters which makes any candidacy a winning bet. The impoverished white America in particular wanted to believe anything that would mean a change, even a lie, to go back to relive the American dream somehow. Trump made them that promise, which he may well not be able to keep, but he made it anyway. Donald Trump told the working class Americans,  in particular those living in the states with most electoral votes, that he will "make America great again". He repeated himself enough to make them all believe in his rhetoric.

While the American left only laughed and ridiculed Donald Trump, his campaign and the supporters he had; they only alienated the masses further toward the rite. The average Joe in America, which makes a sizeable dominant majority, simply wanted to listen to what Donald Trump had to say. They were awed by the chest thumping and promises of remaking the American dream with foul mouthed boasting against any opposition to Donald Trump, for he spoke the language they all understood perfectly well.

in contrast, Hillary represented the status quo which offered no radical promises, keeping in view the ground facts which were known to her, she just laughed at the gimmicks of Donald Trump, not taking him seriously. Those very gimmicks won Trump the election and left Hillary flabbergasted. Trump knew his audience well and spoke their language working on their insecurities, concentrating on the states with most electoral votes he knew that would swing in his favour.

While all political pundits around the world predicted Hillary to win the US Presidential elections, she only proved them right to the extent of winning the popular vote. Donald Trump on the other hand check mated all his opposition by working on winning the electoral seats/votes. He was able to do so, with the racist bias in his campaign by the white population in America, who were pushed in to a corner by the cultured yet naive democrats.

The price of the democrat's choice of making Hillary as their candidate and trying to brush all the legitimate concerns of republican vote bank under the carpet would be paid by a reality TV star acting out his role in the white house for next four, who knows eight years. Donald Trump would surely oversee the demise of the USA's era as the sole superpower of the world. More importantly, whether he's able to deliver upon his promises or not, would decide the state of the union of the USA.                 

Monday, 31 October 2016

How China is Reshaping the World-South Asia in Particular

With China possessing wads of surplus cash to spare, after years of super fast economic growth, the Chinese designs of rising as a superpower essentially revolves around, creating hegemony through economic integration and investments. The trillions of dollars of investment in  the Chinese "One Belt One Road(OBOR)" initiative by China is a step towards the same direction.

China is quietly working on buying wide ranging influence by creating an economic hegemony around the globe which already includes investments in the USA, Latin America, Europe, Asia and resource rich Africa. With the future of global economy resting in Asia Pacific region, China is currently focusing her economic ingress into the Asian Pacific region.

The OBOR initiative thus revolves around two basic endeavours by the Chinese planners. Firstly the OBOR aims at integrating the Asian Pacific and Euro-Asian economies by linking it with Chinese mainland through direct road and rail links spreading the Chinese economic hegemony in these regions. Secondly and most importantly OBOR will provide an alternative to China to sea trade routes dominated by the mighty US Navy giving the last punch to knock out US global prowess.

The host countries involved in the Chinese designs with the exception of very few are welcoming the overall impact of the Chinese plans. Opposed to the US model of global hegemony based on military might, wars and unnecessary bloodshed, they see the Chinese model of hegemony through economic integration as highly beneficial for this model creates jobs and progress in their countries.

China is working to resolve regional disputes through dialogues and investments where possible to create favourable conditions for their economic hegemony like recently noticed in the case of the Philippines breaking traditional ties with the USA to join the Chinese camp. On other instances Chinese strategy is based on military and proxy confrontation, like in the case of USA and Japan, where these country's populations are unwilling to comprehend the ground reality that the USA is no-more the sole super power of the world and the uni-polar world order is dead. Chinese military build up in South China sea and the refusal of North Korea to give away its nuclear arsenal is a point in this case displaying the underlying Chinese designs.

The US led western strategy is essentially based on creating India as a counterweight to the rise of the Chinese Empire. However, India is in no position to oblige the US desires irrespective of a deep rooted desire to do so. India is an impoverished country which simply does not possess the muscle to either economically match the Chinese monetary prowess or militarily fight a two front war with China at one side and her staunchest ally Pakistan on the other side. While Pakistan desires to confront India with the Chinese help in the backdrop of a traditional arch rivalry, Chinese interests yet again dictate the requirements of economic integration for the region, with both India and Pakistan being her neighbouring countries.

China is thus quietly, but surely working to resolve differences with India which would indirectly encourage Pakistan to follow suit. China simply cannot afford to let three countries including them-self having potent nuclear arsenals jump to the guns, destroying the regional economy on whose integration the very rise of China as a global superpower depends upon. That's why China is secretly but forcefully wooing India to join the Chinese OBOR initiative. India is so far not only resisting to join the OBOR but working to sabotage the pivotal artery of the mega project, which is "China Pakistan Economic Corridor(CPEC)". Irrespective of all this and Pakistani security establishment's apprehensions, China is working with Pakistani politicians in toe to create an environment for peaceful resolution of disputes in the region.

 China is enticing India to join OBOR, but India is increasingly apprehensive of her rising hegemony, in particular being boasted to confront China by the US/West. However, the USA will sooner than later have to start looking inwards and focus on her domestic failing infrastructure and related domestic economic issues, which will provide China with the much needed space to move in the Indian markets. India would be forced to join the OBOR by the free market economy it depends upon to survive. Chinese investments of trillions of dollars in their economies will force UK/EU to allow the Chinese domination as such while it is needless to say that Russia and rest of Chinese allies, in particular the BRICS economic alliance of which India is a part of, would side along with the Chinese interests.

Such a scenario will promote peace, prosperity and democracy in the region, which will ultimately work towards the benefit of respective populations. It would be a win all situation for everyone less the US designs and delusional Hindu ultra nationalists, but you can/t keep everyone happy but only try to do so.      


Thursday, 13 October 2016

Donald Or Hillary? Who Would Israel Support?

Image result for us presidential election

American system of Presidential elections is more like Presidential selection by those who control money in the donation based US political system. It is mostly, like this, in the modern system of western democracy, less those few democracies, with comparatively smaller, but aware and educated population. Donor Money and allegiances plays the most crucial pivotal part in turning the undecided vote bank. We are talking about big money and resources controlled by groups of people with vested interests. American political system is anything but fair like most of its matching counterparts around the world. The two party system in America was only challenged once in modern history by Ross Perot, who was timely neutralized by the managers of American political system, which works on the whims of the Lobbyists.

 The biggest lobbyist firm among them all is called the AIPAC ( American Israel Public Affairs Committee ). AIPAC by virtue of its control over the recommendations they give to Jews political donors who have the biggest bucks effectively manipulates the American political and governance mechanisms towards the Israeli/Zionists objectives. There are other interest groups involved in the lobbying sector from respective vested interests, but no one beats the AIPAC.

 "Any US President has to sign more than Ten Million US Dollars in Military aid to Israel  Daily. The stakes for AIPAC and Israeli lobby it leads are very high. AIPAC would never allow things get out of their hands and slip into those of the American public". 

It is highly convenient to manage only two candidates by the AIPAC. Which ever pledges loyalty with the Israeli cause to AIPAC is recommended to the wealthy Jews donor lobby for support. The support of AIPAC for the Presidential race almost means victory for the candidate being supported. AIPAC rarely recommends or reject any presidential candidate openly, but keeps its business under heavy shrouds of secrecy. However, one may easily read in between the lines to know who is the AIPAC blued eyed candidate. The amount of air time dedicated to any candidate in mainstream US/Western media gives away the choice of AIPAC. Hillary Clinton in this case is leading Donald Trump. Hillary is the unanimous darling of mainstream media.

So what's wrong with Trump. Almost everything you will note, but he is willing to pledge to AIPAC for the Israeli cause, why not, him then? Its because of his irrational and temperamental personality I suppose. You can't really trust Trump with his words as he has proved repeatedly. It seems he's playing his part in the biggest reality show on the globe. Even the Republicans themselves are not supporting Donald Trump unanimously. On the other hand, in Hillary Clinton AIPAC and the Israeli Lobby finds comfort of conformity. Hillary will ensure status quo, and that's what AIPAC and the Israeli lobby desires. Any US President has to sign more than Ten Million US Dollars in Military aid to Israel  Daily. The stakes for AIPAC and Israeli lobby it leads are very high. AIPAC would never allow things get out of their hands and slip into those of the American public.

As for American public, Hillary brings in experience of how the system works and the same may allow her to manipulate it for her financial supporters. Trump on the other hand is a wild card, who knows how to play with the fears of the naive American population.

Whoever wins the US Presidency, would have to face the immediate challenges of failing US domestic infrastructure in a world, where USA is fast losing the sole superpower status.